The advantage of hiring a professional bodywork technician is that their paint job is factory quality. Although the initial cost of a factory paint job can be relatively high, it is cost-effective in the long term. Besides increasing the resale value of a car, a high-quality fresh coat protects your car. However, you must first learn to take care of a newly painted car body.

Although quality paint stands up to the elements better, you still need to treat the fresh coat with love. Your efforts will ensure the new paint remains in good condition for a long time. Discover practical tips to care for a newly painted vehicle.

1. Apply a Vinyl Wrap

As its name implies, a vinyl wrap is a stretchy film with an adhesive side that wraps around a car’s body. Today, film covers come in various thicknesses, designs, and colors. As a result, a vinyl wrap often appears as car paint and can give your vehicle a completely new look.

However, any flaws on a car body will prevent the film from sticking correctly and expose the paint to the elements. Thus, you can only benefit from a vinyl wrap’s protective capabilities if a professional installs it. An expert will ensure the fresh coat is smooth and clean so that every inch of a wrap adheres to a solid surface. Quality wraps better protect the paint against scratches, chipping, bird droppings, bugs, and discoloration.

2. Use a Cover Outside

A car cover is crucial if you lack access to a roofed parking space. Although a car cover protects the entire interior and exterior, paint is the biggest beneficiary. The fabric shields the body from harmful sunrays, which can cause paint to deteriorate fast. In addition, a cover guards the paint against tree sap, dead bugs, and bird and insect droppings.

However, ensure that a car and its cover are dry. The coat could develop stubborn water marks and mold if one of the surfaces is wet. The precaution mainly applies if you plan to drive your car occasionally rather than regularly.

3. Seek Professional Car Wash Services

Many car owners wash their cars at home to lower maintenance costs. However, a DIY car wash might not be a good idea if you recently painted your vehicle. For instance, you might use the wrong equipment or detergent and ruin the new coat since you are not an expert. Therefore, the best approach is to seek a professional car wash service.

Car wash service technicians understand water quality and suitable foaming formulas. The knowledge allows technicians to customize services to meet the unique surface needs of individual cars. Therefore, a professional car wash protects new paint, and your vehicle only needs periodic washes.

4. Perform Immediate Repairs

You can’t avoid scratches and dings entirely, regardless of the amount of care you give to your newly painted car. Unfortunately, some car owners ignore minor paint damage, particularly if the flaws are difficult to spot. However, take immediate action to maintain your car’s paint quality for a long time. A minor scratch can break the coat and expose the body to external elements, which can lead to rusting and chipping.

Take your car for immediate repairs whenever you spot a damaged area. Waiting longer than is necessary gradually harms the paint and can lead to expensive restoration in the future. Therefore, strive for regular inspections since they will help you identify new blemishes and act in good time to preserve the paint.

The highlighted pointers can help retain your car’s new paint job for years, but only if you use professional services. Contact us for expert advice on protecting your car’s exterior from damage.

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