Lexus Collision Repair Houston

At Best Collision, we understand that getting your Lexus back to pre-accident condition is your priority after a collision. We aim to perform Lexus collision repair in Houston by exceeding professional quality and performance standards. We also strive to complete the work efficiently and at an optimal price.

Lexus Collision Services We Offer

Our Lexus repairs range from fixing minor dents to performing major overhauls.

Windshield and Auto Glass Replacement

Most Lexus vehicles require paint repair after an accident. We partner with PPG Paints for a flawless finish.

Paint Repair

We can remove collision dents and repaint the area if necessary. When possible, we use a paintless dent repair method that is fast and environmentally friendly.

Dent Removal and Paintless Dent Repair

Collisions often impact the windshield, mirrors, or other windows. We provide in-shop glass service.

Bumper and Fender Repairs

Bumpers and fenders take a lot of the force in accidents. Our Lexus collision repair in Houston includes fixing minor dents or scratches and replacing parts when necessary.

Engine and Transmission Damage

You may have damage to the engine or transmission after an accident, especially if your Lexus is in a front-end collision. We have the knowledge and experience to fix or replace these components.

Lexus Heavy Collision Repair

Most of the time, you can see the external body damage a heavy collision causes. However, your Lexus may also have severe internal problems, such as:

All of these issues can make your Lexus unsafe to drive. Best Collision employs staff trained to perform thorough repair work that exceeds industry standards.

Towing Services

We provide towing services to our facility if you cannot drive your Lexus after a collision. We will promptly pick up your car and deliver it to our repair facility.

We have a guarded lot where we will keep your car if we tow it after business hours. We will call you on the next business day to let you know your vehicle arrived safely.

Why Choose Us for Lexus Collision Repair in Houston

Best Collision offers a limited lifetime warranty for our work on your Lexus. We work with almost all insurance companies and will process the claim with your insurer. Our technicians strive to exceed your repair expectations.

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