Mercedes-Benz Collision Repair Houston

Following an accident, the damage your car sustains not only can become an eyesore but also can affect how your car functions. If you own a Mercedez-Benz, you wouldn’t trust your vehicle to just anyone. Best Collision is a shop certified in Mercedes-Benz collision repair in Houston.

Mercedes-Benz Collision Repair in Houston

Certified by multiple dealerships, Best Collision has some of the most advanced equipment in the industry. Repairs begin with laser frame diagnostic systems to determine any damage to the car’s frame, followed by metalwork to straighten the frame and chassis and restore structural integrity.

After completing the frame and mechanical repairs, our experienced technicians will prep your vehicle and its parts for painting. We offer high-quality paint supplies and systems to ensure correct color-matching, so your Mercedes-Benz looks like it did when you first drove it off the lot.

Our collision services include:

We also can handle heavy collision and insurance claim repairs.

Insurance Claim Repair

Following an accident, your auto insurance may pay for some or all of the repairs necessary to put your car on the road again. Once you file a claim and your insurance company approves it, you bring your vehicle to Best Collision for Mercedes-Benz collision repair in Houston.

We believe every person deserves a chance to get their vehicle back after a wreck, so we accept every auto insurance option.

Heavy Collision Repair

Heavy collision repair involves restoring the severe damage from a crash. Serious accidents often cause both external and internal issues, including frame asymmetry. The purpose of heavy collision repair is to restore the car’s functionality, safety features, and performance, in addition to cosmetic fixes.

As well as applying the latest cutting-edge techniques, we also provide OEM replacement parts— the same products used at the Mercedes-Benz factories.

Towing Services To Bring Your Car to Us

Don’t worry about getting your damaged car to us. We provide both after-hours and holiday towing services to pick up your vehicle and deliver it to the shop safely and on time. If your car arrives after hours, it will stay in our 24/7 guarded lot.

Work Backed by a Lifetime Warranty

At Best Collision, we provide a multipoint repair inspection to ensure that your Mercedes-Benz undergoes the appropriate repairs to restore it to a like-new condition. As well as standard collision fixes, we also offer heavy collision repair for severe structural and internal damage. For Mercedes-Benz collision repair in Houston, contact us today to get a free estimate.