A sideswipe accident occurs when one vehicle’s side scrapes or hits another’s side. Damages occur whether the cars face opposite or similar directions. Below are some of the damages and consequences to expect in sideswipe accidents.


A sideswipe accident might look innocuous, but it can damage your car in several ways. The damages will depend on your car’s speed, relative size to the other car, and accessories. Below are specific types and damages a car might suffer in a sideswipe crash.

Dents and Dings

Dents and dings are almost inevitable in all accidents, including sideswipes. A sideswipe accident can dent and ding any part of the car’s body the impact affects. For example, it can dent and ding the doors or quarter panels.

Paint Damage

The car parts that suffer dents and dings can also suffer paint damage. Paint damage occurs in two main ways. First, the impact can scrape and scratch the paint off your car, revealing the inner paint layers or bare metal. Secondly, the impact can transfer paint from the other car to your car.

Cracks or Breakage

A sideswipe accident can also crack or break the car’s fragile or brittle parts, mostly mirrors and glass. The side mirror’s position makes it a prime candidate for cracks or breakage in a sideswipe accident. The accident can also crack or damage the side windows and doors.


The accident can detach some of your car’s parts or accessories. For example, it can detach the side mirror or bumper components. The detached parts can suffer further damage depending on the accident’s impact.


Punctures are uncommon in sideswipe accidents, but they are possible depending on the vehicles’ relative sizes and speeds. In some cases, the accident’s impact can damage the tires and rims enough to cause a tire puncture.


A heavy impact can affect the car’s suspension and frame enough to throw them out of alignment. For example, the accident can damage the springs, shocks, and control arms connecting the wheels on the affected side of the car.

Electrical Malfunction

Lastly, the accident can also affect electrical and electronic components on the affected side of the car. For example, contact with the side mirror can affect its electronics and prevent it from folding and unfolding. Damage to the electrical connections of the power windows can prevent their up-and-down movements.


The damages your car can suffer in a sideswipe accident affect it in several ways. Below are the damages to watch out for.


Anything that affects your car’s normal appearance affects its aesthetics. Consider a red car that sideswipes your white car and scratches the paint or leaves streaks of red paint on your car. Many will consider cosmetic damages unsightly, and few want to drive around in unsightly cars.

Handling and Safety

The effects of sideswipe accidents are not just cosmetic; they can affect how your car drives or handles. For example, suspension damage increases the risk of loss of handling and control, increasing the risk of an accident.

Further Damage

Even relatively minor accident damage increases further damage risk to your car. For example, paint damage increases the risk of rust and corrosion. Similarly, suspension damage increases the wheels’ and tires’ wear and tear.

Car Value

Lastly, an accident reduces your car’s market value, which means you might get less for the car (if you sell it) than you would have before the accident. Car buyers consider car histories, and cars with accident histories take a hit on their value.

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