Allstate Collision Repair

Allstate auto insurance is among the top-rated insurers in the country. The agency takes its “In Good Hands” motto to heart, offering excellent rates and discounts and achieving superior claims service ratings. When your vehicle survives a collision and needs repairs, you want to work with an Allstate-approved collision shop in Houston.

Best Collision accepts Allstate insurance and can help you organize your claim with our insurance claim service. You pay a premium monthly or yearly, so you should receive as much of a benefit as possible from your insurer. We can help.

Insurance Compatibility Matters

Some vehicle owners may not understand that when collision shops work with specific insurance companies, the insurer contracts rates and policies to control repair costs, which is why the adjuster reviews all repair estimates before approving claims. As an approved collision repair service, we use the prearranged rates when figuring out your estimate, which ultimately protects you and us.

Collision Services Covered by Insurance

While we are an Allstate-approved collision shop in Houston, Best Collision cannot promise that your insurance covers every service we offer. That said, a typical collision policy covers damage to your vehicle from an accident or falling objects. We offer several services you may find useful after an accident.


We offer a towing service that is on call 24/7, even when our shop is closed. The service will pick up your vehicle and bring it to our secured and guarded lot, ensuring its protection. If you have Allstate’s roadside assistance coverage, the insurer covers towing costs up to 10 miles. If you are an elite Allstate member, the service covers towing up to 100 miles.

Paintless Dent Repair

Using paintless dent repair techniques, we can correct minor collision damage that causes dents, dings, or creases but doesn’t affect the paint surface. PDR is a preferred repair method for most insurance companies because it is noninvasive. Most insurance companies, including Allstate, cover PDR, depending on your policy. As of 2023, Allstate’s Complete Protection Service covers minor dents and dings less than 4 inches on the vehicle’s exterior.

Heavy Collision Repair

For severe collisions and accidents, we offer heavy collision repair. The service includes extensive bodywork, frame realignment, and mechanical repair from certified mechanics and technicians. Your insurance may cover all or a portion of the costs, depending on the damage and your coverage, including your deductible. For help learning about out-of-pocket costs, speak to one of our team members or consult your insurance advisor.

Allstate Approved Collision Shop in Houston

Best Collision is an Allstate-approved collision shop in Houston. We have several decades of experience with many manufacturers’ makes and models. Contact our team to request a free estimate.