Progressive Collision Repair

Nobody plans to be in a car accident, but they can happen at the most unlikely and inconvenient times. Unfortunately, this could put you out of a car for a long period. The good news is at Best Collision, we are a Progressive-approved collision shop in Houston, committed to getting your car repairs done as quickly as possible so you can get back on the road.

Does Best Collision Accept Progressive Insurance?

At Best Collision, we work with every car insurance company out there to ensure the most coverage for the drivers of Houston. We understand how essential it is that you have a reliable ride, so we make the process quick and easy as your Progressive-approved collision shop in Houston.

What Repairs Are Covered?

After you file a claim with your insurer, the adjuster will come take a look at your vehicle. After assessing the damage, you will receive notification of what damages Progressive has approved for repair. Any of those approved damages will be covered by your insurance, minus the deductible.

Common services we offer after a collision include:

  • Towing – Your first step after an accident is having your car towed to our lot. Our towing services ensure your car is in good hands at all times. If it is after hours, the car will be dropped off in a secured lot that is constantly guarded.
  • Heavy Repairs – As your Progressive-approved collision shop in Houston, we often tackle heavy collision repairs. This might include a total transformation and restoration of your vehicle or a smaller service that straightens out your hood. Crashes and other accidents come in a wide range of severity, and Best Collision has the services to handle every one.

How Do I Get Started?

After a crash, the first thing to do is contact Best Collision for towing services. Once that is taken care of, contact Progressive Insurance to schedule an insurance adjuster to look at your vehicle. As soon as the insurer approves your collision repairs, we can get to work. Progressive often prepares the estimate, arranges for work to get started, and notifies you when the work is done so you don’t have to handle any of the hard stuff.

If you were involved in a collision and are looking for a quality Progressive-approved collision shop in Houston, you have come to the right place. Contact Best Collision today to request your free estimate.