The decision to get new paint for your vehicle is a major one that depends on many factors. You want the paint to improve your car’s appearance and offer extra protection. At the same time, you don’t want to break the bank to repaint your vehicle.

One of the things you have to select is the paint color. Learn how you can pick out the best paint color for your vehicle so that you’ll be satisfied for years to come.

Choose the Resin Type

The main types of resin for your vehicle are lacquer, enamel, and urethane. You can use urethane if you are looking for durable color paint. On the other hand, enamel resins have a glossy finish and come at a lower price tag. Another option is the lacquer enamel, which is high maintenance and typically appears on showroom cars.

Make a List of Your Favorite Colors

You may have a favorite color, but you’d rather see it on your wall than on your car. Regardless, write down all your favorite colors and then narrow down the list. You can also ask your family members to suggest colors they find attractive on cars.

Get Advice From Mechanics or Car Dealers

Each vehicle model may look better in a specific color of paint. Thus, ask car dealers or auto mechanics to provide more insights about the color choices for your particular car model. Many dealers will recommend neutral and safe colors for your car.

Select Pigments

Color pigments will determine the smoothness and durability of the car paint. You have a wide range of pigments to select from, including metallic, pearlescent, and solid pigments. Metallic pigments contain tiny aluminum particles that can produce a luminous appearance. The metallic paint is ideal for darker hues and can maintain its luster for many years.

Select pearlescent pigments if you want high color depth available in multiple-layer coatings. You can combine the pearlescent pigments with a transparent pigment to create a shimmering appearance. Using transparent pigments will make the underlying three-stage layer visible on the finish. On the other hand, medium and dark shades will still be visible regardless of the color of the undercoat.

Know the Required Maintenance

Car paint colors require proper care to last long and maintain the appropriate texture. For example, red and black colors need meticulous care to prevent dirt and other objects from reducing the visibility of the colors. Hence, if you choose red or black paint, expect to apply car paint care essentials regularly. This rigorous maintenance routine may also be necessary for pearl shades.

In contrast, silver, grey, and white paints have seamless maintenance. These colors rarely display any shades except stains, tap water, and dried rain, all of which are easy to clean off.

Consider the Cost

Color can affect the price of car paint. Specialty colors are meant for a particular car model or will have higher prices than standard colors. If you have a limited budget, avoid custom paint options and look for traditional colors that are less expensive.

Avoid Colors that Attract Pests

Yellow cars are more likely to attract flying insects, such as bees. The color resembles a flower, and many flying bugs won’t see the difference. Hence, if you live in an area with high numbers of bugs, you may want to avoid yellow paint.

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