Rear-end collisions result in damage that may appear cosmetic at first glance. Nonetheless, the cosmetic effect is only a tiny part of the damage your car suffers. Many other internal and structural problems can compromise your vehicle’s safety and operations. So, always work with auto repair technicians for immediate solutions to be safe.

This blog discusses five problems that can stem from rear-end collisions and the consequences of each.

1. Engine and Transmission Faults

While modern engines are complex, rear-end damage can compromise your engine’s operations. The force from rear-end collision can move through the exhaust system to the Y pipe and engine mounts. You may notice your car engine has suffered damage if the check engine light turns on after a collision.

Furthermore, the transmission components of all-wheel and rear-wheel drive vehicles are toward the car’s rear. As a result, the two mentioned car types are vulnerable to collision damages. But, you may not tell that your transmission has suffered harm because the problem is not visible. The ideal way to determine whether you have issues is to take your vehicle for an inspection.

2. Poor Wheel Alignment

The force of a collision or a bent frame can throw your wheels out of alignment. You may not notice poor wheel alignment immediately after the crash. Nonetheless, you can get warning signs such as crooked steering and vehicle vibration. Your car could also pull to the left or right or fail to swerve well whenever needed.

Poor wheel alignment puts undue pressure on parts like tires, suspension, and brakes. As a result, you become more prone to another accident unless you get prompt repairs. Misaligned wheels also cause uneven tire wear, which needs costly replacements.

3. Suspension Malfunctions

Rear-end collisions can damage your frame and exert excess force on the suspension. As a result, the suspension system can cause your struts and shocks to wear out. Also, alignment issues that stem from rear-end collisions can stress your suspension.

The suspension enhances friction between the road and your tires. So, suspension problems cause difficulties in controlling the vehicle. When you delay repairs, the situation worsens, and your vehicle’s value degrades faster. Finally, suspension faults reduce protection from impact by road conditions.

4. Electrical Faults

Electrical malfunctions can happen even in minor collisions, which causes wires to loosen. Electrical faults could go unnoticed for a while until they affect other components. After some time, you experience sound system, taillight, and brake light issues. In severe cases, faulty electrical components drain your battery. So, you may find yourself stranded with a dead battery.

Electrical faults that affect your taillight are problematic even to other drivers. Although the drivers can see you slow down, this may be impossible under poor visibility. Also, electrical malfunctions can disable your car if the engine cannot transfer power.

5. Trunk Glitches

Collisions can leave you with a dented trunk and other operational problems. For instance, the trunk may fail to open or close when needed. Also, water from rain and snow can get inside and cause moisture-related damage. Finally, critters and animals can get in your car and chew on valuable components.

While the trunk may not impact your driving ability, trunk problems can be a safety hazard. For instance, the lid could open and obstruct your rear mirror’s field view when driving. Also, if your trunk fails to close, a thug may find an easy opportunity to break into your car. Finally, a damaged compartment reduces your vehicle’s resale value.

Collision Repair in Houston

Many rear-end collision problems go unnoticed, especially when the issue is internal. An ideal way to deal with collision problems is to consult the experts at Best Collision. Your car will get a detailed examination and excellent repairs from reputable technicians. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have more inquiries about the topic above.

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