Side-impact damage can happen to your vehicle for a number of reasons. You could scrape a guardrail, slide into a telephone pole, or get hit by another car on the side. Typically, damage that occurs on the side of a car will not impact the engine or operation of a vehicle, but you have a wide range of other impacts with the vehicle.

Just because the vehicle still runs doesn’t mean you should ignore the damage. Learn some of the ways side-impact damage can affect the functionality of your vehicle and why you should hire auto body professionals to repair the damage and restore your car back to normal again.

1. Door Functionality

Chances are, side-impact crashes could directly damage the doors of your vehicle. You may struggle to open the front or back doors of a car. If a door opens, it could scrape against the frame and create more damage. In some cases, the door may not open fully at all. With door damage, the doors may not shut properly or lock.

Damage to the lock mechanism can result in safety issues for your vehicle. Anyone could gain access inside the vehicle, and personal items along with sound systems could become compromised. You do not want to go through the stress of leaving your car vulnerable each time you leave it unlocked.

With auto body repairs, the door repairs will ensure you have access to each part of the vehicle and can easily access each door. The auto body shop will also test out the functionality of the locks and ensure the car locks properly again.

2. Window Functionality

The inside of car doors features a lot of electrical components, including electric motors and functions to open and shut car windows. Side-impact damage to a vehicle could change the way you operate your automatic windows. For example, some windows could get stuck in an open mode.

If your windows stay left open, then your vehicle remains vulnerable to weather elements, possible theft, and wild animals. In some cases, a window may remain shut and not open at all. The loss of window use could impact the way you go through drive-thru businesses or if you want to let some fresh air into a vehicle.

The windows could become damaged as well. Glass could crack or break, and you may not have a window at all. An auto body shop will replace any glass, fix the window function, and test out the vehicle to ensure the windows operate smoothly. You do not realize how often you use your windows until they become inoperable.

3. Gas Pump Access

If your vehicle collision occurred near the area with the gas pump access, then you want to ensure your fuel cap does not have damage. If the fuel cap area becomes damaged, then gas vapors could release from the vehicle and create issues when you try to fill the tank. In some cases, the damage could extend beyond the fuel cap and into the gas line.

You do not want to drive a vehicle with any damage to the fuel cap. A body shop can repair any damage to the area and replace the gas tank access door if needed. Through the repairs, you can feel safe driving your vehicle and knowing the gas will enter the tank properly.

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